Money is such a complex topic. But the world view on it is that it can buy you things. But you have to notice a very important lesson about money that it has value depending on what you are doing with it. For example, $100 can buy you two rounds of grocery which can make you food for weeks to come. However, same $100 could have a different value if you do something else for example if you buy gas with it it could ride you for 2 weeks. And those two different activities have values depending on you. So you have to set aside categories and value them for yourself. And remember that the values could vary depending on your age and circumstances. I personally value things after the transaction is done. I ask myself, did I over-do it? Was it really necessary? And those sort of questions. Because at the end of the day any transaction you make is going out of your hard earned money. You have to be able to justify it for yourself or even your partners. So I suggest next time you make a transaction or pay for something, value it. Means that you slowly will realize and come to the same understanding as me that money by itself worths nothing but what it can do for you is valuable. So be really careful what you decide to do with your money. Do not forget the rule of justifying it for yourself.