I have already told you, that saving money is the most important skill that you can learn in this capitalism game. You can save money by making more money but the secret in keeping and saving is pure discipline. Some people make so much money on a monthly basis but they do not keep any of it. Being able to put money aside on a regular basis with a certain discipline is what makes the difference between people. For a very long time, I was trying to save money on food. It does add up. I tried to have the discipline to put money aside as much as I can. I tried to make a document of my expenses and see how I have outflow of money on a weekly basis. Yes, even when you are rich you should see how you spend money. Money is a finite thing. It will finish if you have to spend more of it than making it. You have to try to have a positive cashflow on a monthly basis. Not only cashflow but also saving it or investing it. It is very important to have this discipline on a regular basis to save money. Saving money for a short term period is not enough. It has to be a habit! And that habit should be kept until you feel comfortable that spending money isn’t hurting you investment discipline.