So if you are still not at a level that you can throw money on luxury stuff, you better always choose the economy option until you can afford the luxury. I am not saying sacrifices your life to save money. But you have to remember, saving money is the same as making money. For example, do not sit in business class when you are flying around the world. Use the economy option. Do not go to the most expensive restaurants when you have saved a little bit of money. One thing I have learned, is that money goes easily. So if you want to really spend money, it can finish sooner than you think. All you need to do is to start to feel that you are richer than you actually are. Then your expenses will eat up your networth. So I suggest if you have a low networth or don’t have money at all. Try to sacrifice more in spending money. Not everybody can afford to sit in business class. For example, I have multimillions but I still travel in economy class and try to save money here and there wherever I can. This is what definition of rich is to me. Someone who can keep money!