It has been a while that I am using a strategy for budgeting my monthly expenses. So first of all I make a category for general expenses that I have. Second if I go over my budget in one expense I write that one particular expense down. And later when I have a luxury expense, I discount that and cancel the one expense I had. So basically, I keep a record of the bad expenses and later I try to spend less money because of the mistake. This method should be used by everyone in life. Because money is limited for everyone. It is an amount and if you do not spend it wisely you will go broke sooner than you think. So next time create a document on your phone and write down where you have gone overboard with your expenses. This will help you to budget your money in the future and will save you money overtime. You have to be very careful to not spend more money than you should in specific categories. I suggest that you do write them down as spending money becomes a habit for some people and that could destroy your freedom and life. So keep a track of what you do. Look over your statements once in a while and make sure how your money is going out.