The famous Warren Buffet (a big investor) says price is what you pay, and value is what you get. This is very simple to understand but I will elaborate what I understand from my own personal life. You get paid a set amount of money from work but that does not mean you have added any value it is a price your employer must pay for you and your time. But your productivity and what you contribute to the society and your work is what matters. In the same way, when you buy something. You usually think that you are paying for the cost of the item but you do not know how much work has been put to prepare that item. So the things you buy or pay for have different values. And that value is different from person to another. You have to be careful with the things you get used to buying, and the activities that you get yourself into. For example, one person can pay for drugs but that doesn’t mean that they are adding any sort of value to their life. Also someone that spends little money could add a lot of value to the world. So value is what you get and price is what you pay.