Networth is how much a person has in total. And that is calculated by how much he worths by that moment. Let’s think of that as how much the person would have if he or she sold everything they own at market price of that day. Most of the time networth of people increase as the time goes by. Somethings cannot be evaluated by dollar amount. Usually those things are ignored in the price of networth. I believe people have equal worth at the end of the day but capitalism has changed that and each person has a different worth. So now lets stick to the idea that people are at different worth. The price of their home has different values, the amount of money they have in the bank is different, and many other factors. Overall, networth is how much liquid money you would have if you liquidate everything. Networth changes day by day and a person would change networth everyday. It is something so variable that we usually calculate on a yearly basis. So be careful that some people might have hidden networths too. Meaning, that they might have assets or things of value that you would not even imagine. In materialistic world people would have different sizes and the person with a higher networth usually gets more respect because they have more money or power!